Biblical cycles
Manuscripts Bible moralisée Oxford-Paris-London copy Psalmi
Old Testament
1 Kings (A.V. I Samuel) The war between Saul and David (1 Kings 19-31) David and Saul in Engaddi (1 Kings 24)David hides in a cave (1 Kings 24:4, title of Psalms 56 and 141)
2 Kings (A.V. II Samuel) David and Absalom (2 Kings 15-19) David and his court flee from Absalom (2 Kings 15:16-18)
Psalms Cycles Western Psalters (not related to the Utrecht Psalter) with images for individual PsalmsPsalms in the Bible Moraliée
Psalms Psalms 101-150 (Vulg.) Psalm 139 (Vulg.), 140 (AV): Eripe me, Domine
Psalms Psalms 101-150 (Vulg.) Psalm 140 (Vulg.), 141 (AV): Domine, clamavi
Psalms Psalms 101-150 (Vulg.) Psalm 141 (Vulg.), 142 (AV): Voce mea ad Dominum
Psalms Psalms 101-150 (Vulg.) Psalm 142 (Vulg.), 143 (AV): Domine, exaudi orationem meam, auribus
Life of Christ
Passion Entombment Christ's body lowered into the sarcophagus
Saints A - ZMary Magdalene LifeChrist driving out seven devils from her (Mc 16:9; Lc 8:2)
Typology and Prophecy
Types and Prophecies from the Old Testament Psalms 101-150 Psalm 141Prophecy for the Entombment of Christ
Types and Prophecies from the Old Testament Psalms 101-150 Psalm 142Prophecy for Christ driving out seven demons from Mary Magdalene
Antitypes for episodes from the Ministry of Christ Christ driving seven devils out of Mary Magdalenewith Psalm 142
Antitypes for episodes from the Passion of Christ Entombment of Christ with Psalm 141
Further details
1. Psalm 139; 2. Psalm1 40; 3. Psalm 141 (with David hiding in a cave according to the title of the Psalm, and the Entombment of Christ in the explanation); 4. Psalm 142 (with David being protected by an angel on his flight from Absaloom and Christ expelling the seven spirits of Mary Magdalene)
circa 1233
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France → lat. 11560, fol. 37v
Bible moralisée
Notes on photograph
Alexandre, comte de Laborde, La Bible Moralisée Illustrée, vol. 2, Paris 1912, plate 261
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