HomerOdyssey Cycles16th century (early) - Panels by the Master of the Johnson Assumption of the Magdalen
HomerOdyssey Scenes without a clear textual sourcePenelope weaving or undoing the shroud of Laertes (referred to in Book IV, vv. 94-109, and Book XIX, vv. 137-154)Penelope weaving alone
HomerOdyssey Book XIII: Ulysses is brought from the island of the Phaeaceans to Ithacavv. 86-92: The Phaeacians take the sleeping Ulysses to Ithaca
HomerOdyssey Book XIX: Ulysses speaks incognito with Penelope and is recognised by Eurycleavv. 386-394, 467-505: Euryclea washes Ulysses's feet, recognises him by his scar, and promises to keep his secret
HomerOdyssey Book XVIII: Ulysses, still disguised as beggar, defeats Irusvv. 95-100: Ulysses beats Irus in a fistfight arranged by the suitors
HomerOdyssey Book XXII: Punishment of the suitors and unfaithful servantsvv. 203-309: Ulysses, Telemachus, Eumaeus and Philetius kill the suitors
Further details
McKnight suggests that this panel was the end panel linked to the panels in Vassar College; the scene in the left background may show the fight against Irus
Master of the Johnson Assumption of the Magdalen (active early 16th century) (attributed)
early 16th century
New York, Collection Stanley Mortimer
Notes on photograph
Hamburg stamp (Bibliothek Warburg) (Schlagwort Cassone Odyssee)
Kate Denny McKnight, The Ulysses Panels by Piero di Cosimo at Vassar College, Art Bulletin 6,4 (1924), pp. 99-102
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