Romulus and Remus Discovered by their foster-parents
Romulus and Remus Romulus kills Remus
Cyrus II of Persia Astyages dreams that the child with which his daughter is pregnant will destroy his empire
Cyrus II of Persia Birth
Cyrus II of Persia The newborn Cyrus is presented to his grandfather Astyages
Cyrus II of Persia Astyages commands Harpages to kill Cyrus
Cyrus II of Persia Harpages exposes Cyrus in the wilderness instead of killing him
Cyrus II of Persia Cyrus is fed by a bitch
Cyrus II of Persia The shepherd Mitradates entrusts Cyrus to his wife Spaco
Cyrus II of Persia As a child, Cyrus is crowned king in secret
Cyrus II of Persia Cyrus, living incognito, beats the son of the nobleman Artembares
Cyrus II of Persia Artembares and his son complain to Astyages
Cyrus II of Persia Astyages summons Mitradates and his supposed son, whom he recognises as his supposedly killed grandson Cyrus
Cyrus II of Persia In revenge, Astyages kills the son of Harpages and feeds him to his father
Cyrus II of Persia Cyrus is re-united with his father Cambyses
Cyrus II of Persia Cyrus commands to imprison the defeated Astyages
Vergil Aeneid Book VIII: Vision of the river god Tiber, journey to king Evander of Pallantium, Venus brings Aeneas new armsvv. 1-17: Turnus summons the inhabitants of Latium to war
Vergil Aeneid Book VII: Aeneas lands in Latium, beginning of conflict with Turnusvv. 35-36: Aeneas commands his companions to sail to the estuary of the Tiber
Livy CyclesParis, BN, fr. 30 (1st quarter 15th century)
LivyBook 1
Further details
The scenes from Roman history appear in the large miniature, the story of Cyrus in the margin, beginning at the top left, the initial repeats the scene of the jailing of Astyages
Egerton Master (active in Paris, early 15th century)
1st quarter 15th century
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France → fr. 30, fol. 9r
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