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Old Testament
→ Numbers → Temptations of the Israelites (Num. 11-12)
→ God sends a fire to punish the murmurers (Num. 11:1)
→ The Israelites complain about the Mannah (Num. 11:4-9)
→ Moses laments to God about the ungratefulness of the Israelites (Num 11:11-15)
→ God's Spirit comes upon the elders (Num. 11:24-25)
→ God sends quails (Num. 11:31-32)
→ God punishes the Israelites for their greed with plague (Num. 11:33-34)
→ Miriam complains that Moses had married an Ethiopian woman (Num. 12:1)
→ God punishes Miriam with leprosy (Num. 12:5-10)
→ Moses intercedes for Miriam (Num. 12:11-13)
→ Miriam is expelled from the camp for seven days (Num. 12:14-15)
→ Miriam returns (Num. 12:15)