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Old Testament
→ Deuteronomy → Moses admonishing Israel (Dtn. 5-30) → Diverse laws (Dtn. 11-25)
→ Men must not wear woman's clothes and vice versa (Dtn. 22:5)
→ When a nest falls down, one can keep the eggs and young birds, but not the mother (Dtn. 22:6-7)
→ One must not wear a garment of divers sorts (Dtn. 22:11)
→ Procedures when a husband claims that his wife had not been a virgin (Dtn. 22:19-21)
→ If you go into thy friend's corn ... do not reap them with a sickle (Dtn. 23:25)
→ Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn (Dtn. 25:4)
→ A wife must not attack her husband's adversary by gripping his privates (Dtn. 25:11-12)
→ Thou shalt not have divers weights (Dtn. 25:13-14)