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Old Testament
→ Josue (A.V. Joshua) → The Conquest of Jericho and Ai (Jos. 5:13-8:29)
→ The Prince of the Host of the Lord (Michael) appears to Joshua (Jos. 5:13-14)
→ Joshua worships the Prince of the Host of the Lord and takes off his shoes (Jos. 5:14-15)
→ The Ark is carried towards Jericho (cf. Jos. 6:11)
→ The Walls of Jericho collapse under the sound of the trumpets (Jos. 6:20)
→ The Israelites conquer and destroy Jericho (Jos. 6:20-21)
→ Rahab is spared (Jos. 6:22-23)
→ The Israelites offer the gold they find to God (Jos. 6:24, cf. 6:17-19)
→ Achan keeps some spoils for himself (Jos. 7:1, 21)
→ The spies report to Joshua that Ai can savely be attacked (Jos. 7:3)
→ As punishment for Achan's deed, the Israelites are beaten by the men of Ai (Jos. 7:4-5)
→ Joshua prays in despair after the defeat against Ai (Jos. 7:6-9)
→ Achan is stoned to death (Jos. 7:25)
→ God commands Joshua to attack Ai again (Jos. 8:1)
→ Joshua burns down Ai and hangs its king (Jos. 8:29)
→ Joshua commands to take down the body of the King of Ai (Jos. 8:29)