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Old Testament
→ Josue (A.V. Joshua) → Josue and the Gibeonites (Jos. 9-10)
→ The Gibeonites send a fraudulent embassy to Josue (Jos. 9:4-14)
→ Upon discovering their fraud, Josue commands them to serve the Israelites (Jos. 9:21, 27)
→ Five kings besiege Gibeon (Jos. 10:5)
→ The Gibeonites ask Josue for help (Jos. 10:6)
→ God kills the soldiers of the five kings with heavy stones (Jos. 10:11)
→ Sun and Moon stand sill over Gibeon (Jos. 10:12-14)
→ Josue commands to close the cave in which the five kings are hidden (Jos. 10:17-19)
→ The five kings killed and hanged on gibbets (Jos. 10:22-27)
→ Josue takes the daughters of the five kings (apparently non-biblical)