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Old Testament
→ Josue (A.V. Joshua) → The division of the land (Jos. 13-22)
→ God commands Joshua to divide the land West of the Jordan (Jos. 13:7)
→ Joshua gives no land to the levites (Jos. 14:3-4)
→ The Israelites, among them Caleb, gather before Joshua (Jos. 14:6)
→ Caleb asks to be given the mountain, on which is Hebron (Jos. 14:6-12)
→ Caleb offers the hand of his daughter Achsah to the man who conquers Kirjat-sepher (Jos. 14:16)
→ Sitting on a donkey, Achsah asks Caleb to give her springs of water (Jos. 14:18-19)
→ The Israelites erect the Tabernacle in Shilo (Jos. 18:1)
→ The cities of refuge (Jos. 21:36)