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Old Testament
→ Judges → Gideon (Jud. 6-8) → The campaign against the kings of the Midianites (Jud. 7:24-8)
→ The men of Ephraim complain that they were not asked to fight with Gideon, but killed both kings of Gideon (Jud. 8:1)
→ Gideon replies to them that they had done greater deeds at home (Jud. 8:2-3)
→ The inhabitants of Succoth refuse to give Gideon bread (Jud. 8:5-6)
→ Gideon threatens to punish the men of Succoth for their refusal (Jud. 8:7)
→ Gideon defeats and imprisons the kings of Midian (Jud. 8:11-12)
→ As he had threatened, Gideon punishes the men of Succoth with thorns (Jud. 8:16)
→ Gideon draws the kings of Gideon and the men of Succoth (non-biblical)
→ As he had threatened, Gideon destroys the tower of Penuel (Jud. 8:17)
→ Gideon commands his son Jether to kill the kings, who refuses (Jud. 8:20)
→ Gideon kills the kings (Jud. 8:21)
→ Gideon refuses to rule over Israel (Jud. 8:22-23)