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Old Testament
→ Exodus → Childhood of Moses
→ Birth of Moses (Exod. 2:1-2)
→ Moses is put into a basket (Exod. 2:3)
→ Moses is left in the Nile (Exod. 2:3)
→ Moses's sister follows the basket (Exod. 2:4)
→ Pharaoh's Daughter finds the basket (Exod. 2:5-6)
→ Pharaoh finds the basket
→ Moses's sister finds the basket
→ Pharaoh's daughter takes Moses and gives him his mother to nurse him (Exod. 2:7-9)
→ Moses tramples or breaks the crown of Pharaoh (Comestor, non-scriptural)
→ Moses, as Egyptian general, besieges Saba but then makes peace with it and marries Tarbis, the daughter of its king (Comestor, non-scriptural)
→ The Israelites cry out to God after the Pharaoh's death (Exod. 2:23:24)
→ Moses kills the Egyptian (Exod. 2:11)
→ Moses buries the Egyptian he has killed (Exod. 2:12)
→ Moses quarrels with the two Hebrews (Exod. 2:13-14)
→ Pharao wants to kill Moses, who flees to Midian (Exod. 2:15)
→ The seven daughters of the priest Jethro come to the well (Exod. 2:16)
→ The shepherds drive the seven daughters of Jethro away (Exod. 2:17)
→ Moses helps the seven daughters of Jethro (Exod. 2:17)
→ The seven daughters of Jethro water their sheep after Moses has driven the shepherds away (Exod. 2:17)
→ Jethro promises Zipporah to Moses (Exod. 2:20-21)
→ Moses marries Zipporah (Exod. 2:21-22)