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Old Testament
→ Jeremias (A.V. Jeremiah)
→ Historiated Initials and similar images
→ Single figure
→ Calling Vision (Hier. 1)
→ Admonitions to Israel (Hier. 2-6)
→ Prophecy of exile and return (Hier. 11-12)
→ Prophecy of the ruin of Israel (Hier. 16-17)
→ Jeremias in prison (Hier. 37-39)
→ Prophecies against Babylon (Hier. 50-51)
→ Jeremias prophesies that the Egyptians will worship an image of a Virgin and a Child (non-biblical)
→ Stoning of Jeremias (non-biblical)
→ Jeremias in non-biblical narratives