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Old Testament
→ Daniel → Balthasar (A. V. Belshazzar) (Dan. 5)
→ Balthasar's feast with the writing on the wall, Daniel not present (Dan. 5:1-6)
→ Balthasar's feast without the writing on the wall
→ Balthasar alone with God's hand writing
→ Balthasar asks the wise men (Dan. 5:7-8)
→ The queen suggests to ask Daniel (Dan. 5:10-12)
→ Daniel receives an inspiration to read the writing (non-biblical)
→ Daniel interprets the writing (Dan. 5:17-28)
→ Balthasar falls down before Daniel (non-biblical)
→ Darius and Cyrus conquer Babylon (cf. Dan. 5:31)
→ Balthasar's death (Dan. 5:30)