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Old Testament
→ Daniel → Nabuchodonosor's (A. V. Nebuchadnezzar's) first dream (Dan. 2)
→ Nabuchodonosor dreams of the statue (Dan. 2:1)
→ Nabuchodonosor summons the wise men who cannot recount his dream (Dan. 2:2-11)
→ Nabuchodonosor commands to have the wise men killed (Dan. 2:12-13)
→ Daniel asks Arioch about Nabuchodonosor's command (Dan. 2:14-15)
→ Daniel asks Nabuchodonosor for time (Dan. 2:16)
→ The Three Hebrews pray for Daniel (cf. Dan. 2:17-18)
→ Nabuchodonosor's dream is revealed to Daniel (Dan. 2:19)
→ Daniel reveals the meaning of the dream to Nabuchodonosor (Dan. 2:26-45)
→ The statue and the stone (outside the narrative context)
→ Nabuchodonosor falls down and adores Daniel (Dan. 2:46)