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Old Testament
→ Esther → Esther's intercession with Assuerus (Esth. 4 - 5:8)
→ Mardochai's distress about the king's decree (Esth. 4:1-2)
→ Esther sends Athach with a garment for Mardochai who mourns in sackcloth (Esth. 4:4)
→ Mardochai gives a copy of the decree to Athach, Esther's eunuch (Esth. 4:8)
→ Atach informs Esther about the king's decree (Esth. 4:9)
→ Mardochai and the Jews pray to God (Esth. 4:16-17)
→ Mardochai with the Jews and Esther with her maids pray and fast (Esth. 4:16-17)
→ Esther comes before Assuerus who touches her with his sceptre (Esth. 5:1-2)
→ Esther asks that the king and Aman might come to a banquet in her house (Esth. 5:3-4)
→ Assuerus and Aman at the banquet with Esther (Esth. 5:5-6)