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Life of Christ
→ Ministry → Teaching
→ 'Be wise as serpents and simple as doves' (Mt. 10:16)
→ 'Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it' (Mt 7:14)
→ 'Behold the birds of the air' (Mt. 6:26)
→ 'I know mine, and mine know me' (Jn. 10:14)
→ 'If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit' (Mt. 15:14)
→ 'Judge not, that you may not be judged' (Mt. 7:1-5)
→ 'Nemo potest venire ad me, nisi Pater qui misit me traxerit eum' (John 6:44)
→ 'Pulsanti aperietur' (Mt. 7:8; Luke 11:10)
→ 'Sic luceat lux vestra' - 'So let your light shine' (Mt. 5:16)
→ 'Suffer the little children to come unto me' (Mt. 19:14, Mc. 10:14)
→ 'The foxes have holes'
→ 'The wise man that built his house upon a rock' (Mt. 7:24-29)
→ 'Tollat suam crucem et sequatur me' (take up his cross and follow me, Mt. 16:24, Mc. 8:34, Lc. 9:23)
→ 'Tollite iugum meum super vos ... Iugum meum enim suave' (Take up my yoke upon you ... for my yoke is sweet), Mt. 11:29-30)
→ 'Vos estis lux mundi' - 'You are the light of the world' (Mt. 5:14)
→ Allegorical images of Christ Teaching
→ Christ and Nicodemus (Jn. 3:1-21)
→ Christ and the disciples of St John the Baptist (Mt. 11:2-10)
→ Christ and the Doctors (no specific scene)
→ Christ and the Samaritan Woman
→ Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery
→ Christ and Zacheus (Lc. 19:1-10)
→ Christ as the Bread of Life (John 6:31-66)
→ Christ beginning to teach (Mt. 4:17)
→ Christ defending the disciples plucking ears
→ Christ drives the money-changers from the Temple
→ Christ eating with a Pharisee (Lc. 14:1-11)
→ Christ eating with sinners (Mt. 9:10-13)
→ Christ in the House of Simon
→ Christ preaching from a ship
→ Christ presents a child to the Apostles (Who receives such a child ..., Mt. 18:1-5, Mc. 9:35-36, Lc.
→ Christ prophecies the destruction of Jerusalem (Lc. 19:42-44)
→ Christ prophecies the destruction of the temple (Mt. 24:1-15)
→ Christ teaching (and rejected) in Nazareth (Mark 6:1-6)
→ Christ teaching (no specific episode)
→ Christ teaching to pray (Mt. 6:9; Lc. 11:1-2)
→ Christ tells Peter to forgive seventy-seven times (Mt. 18:21-22)
→ Christ with Mary and Martha
→ Eschatological texts
→ Sermon on the Mount
→ The camel and the eye of the needle
→ The Jews try to stone Christ to death (Jn 8:59)
→ The tribute money (Mt. 22:16-22; Mc. 12:13-17; Lc. 20:20-26)
→ The widow's mite (Lc. 21:1-4)
→ Unidentified scenes