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→ The Queen secretly sends food to Mary Magdalene and her companions
→ Mary Magdalene appears to the king and the queen, commanding them to help the starving Christians
→ The king and queen go to Mary Magdalene, promise to help, and lament their barrenness
→ In thanksgiving for his wife's pregnancy the king prepares a pilgrimage to the Holy Land
→ The king and queen depart for the Holy Land, entrusting Marseille to Mary Magdalene
→ The ship comes into a storm, causing the queen to go into labour and die
→ The king leaves the dead queen and the (apparently living) child on a rocky island
→ The king lands in the Holy Land
→ The king finds St Peter
→ The king recognises St Peter and laments about his fate
→ St Peter shows the king the Holy Sepulchre
→ The king takes leave of St Peter
→ The king returns to the island and sees there a little boy
→ The boy runs away from the ship
→ The king follows the boy and finds him at the breast of the incorrup body of his mother, the queen
→ The king prays that his queen may rise from the dead
→ The king embraces his resurrected queen
→ King, queen and their son return to Marseille
→ King and queen are baptised by St Maximinus
→ King and queen thank Mary Magdalene for her care for Marseille in their absence
→ Mary Magdalene takes leave from the king and sails to the wilderness