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→ Saints A - Z → Francis of Assisi (OFM) → Life
→ Predicted by Joachim of Fiore
→ Birth of St Francis
→ Baptism of St Francis
→ A simple man asks Francis as a child to walk on his cape but the saint refuses
→ St Francis beaten by brigands
→ St Francis gives his cloak to a poor knight (Legenda maior, I, 2)
→ A crucifix tells Francis to save the Church (Legenda maior, I, 5)
→ St Francis dreams of the heavenly castle and its weapons (Legenda maior, I, 3)
→ St Francis offers his worldly goods for the rebuilding of San Damiano, the priest, afraid of Francis's father, refuses to accept them (Legenda maior, II, 1)
→ St Francis renounces his father and worldly goods
→ St Francis assumes the habit leaving, according to Christ's command to the Apostles, girdle, shoes and bag behind (Legenda maior, III, 1)
→ St Francis shows his companion Bernard three sentences from the Gospel (Legenda maior, III, 3)
→ St Francis clothes the first followers
→ St Francis sends the first followers to preach
→ St Francis marrying Lady Poverty
→ Vision of Pope Innocent III of a man holding up the falling church (Legenda maior, III, 10)
→ Innocent III approves the rules (Legenda maior, III, 10)
→ St Francis appears to his friars in a chariot of fire
→ An angel points to the heavenly thrones of Francis and his followers
→ A follower of Francis exorcises Arezzo in his name
→ His followers see Francis transfigured and talking to Christ
→ Francis receives more penitents of both sexes, including St Clare, into his order (Legenda maior, IV, 6)
→ Brother Pacificus sees St Francis signed with the letter Thau (Legenda maior, IV, 9)
→ The Christ Child comes alive when Francis makes a model of the Nativity (il presepio)
→ At the chapters in Arles, Friar Monaldus sees St Francis appearing and blessing the friars (Legenda maior, IV, 10)
→ An angel appears to him while praying before an altar and tells him to rejoice at the heavenly acceptance of his order
→ Francis washing a leper
→ Francis makes water appear from a rock
→ Francis cures the crippled Gedeone da Rieti with the sign of the cross
→ While he is preaching St Anthony of Padua appears and blesses him
→ Tempted by the devil, Francis beats himself and throws himself into the snow (Legenda maior, V, 4)
→ He gives snowballs to the devil
→ The blood from his self-flagellation in the snow blossoms into roses
→ He is miraculously clothed and bears the roses from his self-flagellation in the snow into the chapel of the Porziuncola
→ At the chapel of Porziuncola, Christ and the Virgin Mary appear to Francis, granting indulgences
→ St Francis gives the abbot of Subasio little fish as rent for the Porziuncola chapel, thus refusing to accept it as gift
→ Christ dictates the rules to Francis
→ As penance for breaking his fast, Francis commands that he be dragged naked through Assisi and then preaches at the pillory (Legenda maior VI, 2)
→ St Francis discovers hidden relics, and since the friars neglect to recover them, miraculously moves them to the altar (Legenda maior, VI, 7)
→ San Francis banishes wolves, plague and hail from Greccio (Legenda maior, VIII, 11)
→ St Francis before the Sultan (Legenda maior, IX, 8)
→ Francis appears to two friars in Egypt, telling them to baptise the dying Sultan
→ St Francis refuses to bless those who had killed a lamb
→ St Francis foretells a defeat for Christians before Damiette (Legenda maior, XI, 3)
→ St Francis sees the demon seated on the shoulders of a disobedient friar and makes him depart (Legenda maior, XI, 11)
→ St Francis receives the stigmata
→ Francis shows his stigmata to his followers
→ St Francis returns to Assisi before his death
→ Death of St Francis
→ Visions