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The Church
→ Church History → History of Individual Dioceses, Orders and Monasteries → Monasteries
→ Altomünster (OSB, later OSsS)
→ Augsburg, St. Ulrich und Afra (OSB)
→ Baumburg (Can. Reg.)
→ Bayrischzell (OSB, later Fischbachau, Petersberg and eventually Scheyern)
→ Benediktbeuern (OSB)
→ Bologna, S. Domenico (OP)
→ Dietramszell (Can. Reg.)
→ Dillingen (OFM)
→ Donauwörth, Heilig Kreuz (OSB)
→ Füssen (OSB)
→ Indersdorf (Can. Reg.)
→ Maihingen (OSsS, later OFM)
→ Rein (OCist)
→ Schäftlarn (OPraem)
→ Stadtamhof (now part of Regensburg), St. Mang (or St. Andreas, Can.Reg)
→ Waldsassen (OCist)
→ Zice (OCarth)