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The Church
→ Liturgy → Roman Rite → Liturgical manuscripts and printed books → Postillae
→ Manuscripts
→ Printed editions
→ Second Sunday of Advent (Disciples of John the Baptist)
→ Third Sunday of Advent (Priests and Levites questioning St John)
→ Christmas - Midnight Mass
→ Circumcision of Christ (January 1)
→ Sunday after Circumcision (Prophecy of Simeon)
→ Second Sunday after Christmas (Christ teaching in the Temple)
→ Second Sunday after Epiphany (Wedding in Cana)
→ Wednesday after the Second Sunday after Epiphany (Christ preaching in Capharnaum, Mt. 4:13-17)
→ Unknown day, perhaps Friday after the second Sunday after Epiphany (Christ healing in Galilee, Mt 4:23-25)
→ Third Sunday after Epiphany (Healing of a Leper and the Centurion's servant)
→ Fourth Sunday after Epiphany (Calming of the Storm)
→ Wednesday after the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany (Demons driven into swine, Lc. 8:27-34)
→ Second Sunday of Lent (Transfiguration)
→ Saturday after the Second Sunday of Lent (Prodigal Son)
→ Friday after the Third Sunday of Lent (Samaritan Woman)
→ Saturday after the Third Sunday of Lent (Woman taken in adultery)
→ Fourth Sunday of Lent (Multiplication of Loaves)
→ Monday after the Fourth Sunday of Lent (Judgment of Solomon, Expulsion of the money-changers)
→ Friday after the Fourth Sunday of Lent (Raising of Lazarus)
→ Friday after the Fifth Sunday of Lent (Meeting of the priests)
→ Maundy Thursday (Washing of Feet)
→ Holy Saturday (Women at the Sepulchre)
→ Easter Monday (Emaus)
→ Easter Tuesday (Christ appearing to the Apostles)
→ Easter Wednesday (Christ appearing at the Sea of Tiberias)
→ Easter Thursday (Noli me tangere)
→ Easter Friday (Christ appears to the Apostles, commanding them to baptise all peoples)
→ Low Sunday (Christ and Thomas)
→ Second Sunday after Pentecost (Lazarus and Dives - in some uses)
→ Second Sunday after Pentecost (Invitations to the wedding-feast)
→ Third Sunday after Pentecost (Christ eating with sinners - Lost sheep)
→ Friday after the Third Sunday after Pentecost (Healing of the lunatic child)
→ Fourth Sunday after Pentecost (Miraculous draught of fishes)
→ Sixth Sunday after Pentecost (Multiplication of loaves)
→ Seventh Sunday after Pentecost (Christ warns against false prophets)
→ Ninth Sunday after Pentecost (Christ foretelling the destruction of Jerusalem)
→ Eleventh Sunday after Trinity (Healing of the Death-mute)
→ Twelth Sunday after Pentecost (Good Samaritan)
→ Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity (Ten lepers)
→ Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost (Raising of the Son of the Widow in Nain)
→ Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity (Dispute over healing on the Sabbath)
→ Unidentified images