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Typology and Prophecy
→ Cycles → Manuscripts and Prints → Speculum humanae salvationis → Chapter 43: The Hours of the Passion
The Speculum: introduction - description - summary

→ 43a: Vision of a Hermit of Christ carrying the Cross
→ 43b: Vespers: Washing of the Feet and Last Supper
→ 43c: Compline: Agony in the Garden and Betrayal of Christ
→ 43d: Mattins: Christ before Caiphas (Variants: Betrayal of Christ, Buffeting of Christ)
→ 43e: Prime: Christ before Herod (or Christ before Pilate)
→ 43f: Terce: Flagellation and Mocking of Christ
→ 43g: Sext: Pilate washes his hands, Christ takes up the Cross (Variants: Carrying of the Cross, Christ nailed to the Cross)
→ 43h: None: Christ dies on the Cross