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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Passion of Christ → Flagellation of Christ
→ with Gen. 4:23-24: Lamech beaten by his wives (SHS)
→ with Judith 6:9: Binding of Achior (SHS)
→ with Judith 6:10: The Israelites find Achior bound to a tree (SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with Judith 7:20: In tuo flagello vindica iniquitates nostras
→ with Job 2:7-9: Job on the dunghill, tormented by the devil and reproached by his wife (SHS)
→ with Job 16:15: Concidit me vulnere super vulnus
→ with Psalm 37:18: Quoniam ego in flagella paratus sum
→ with Psalm 72:14: Et fui flagellatus tota die
→ with Psalm 128:3: Supra dorsum meum fabricaverunt peccatores
→ with Cant. 5:7: Percusserunt me et vulneraverunt me
→ with Isa. 43:24: Praebuisti mihi laborem in iniquitatibus tuis
→ with Jer. 8:18: Dolor meus super dolorem
→ with Nah. 1:12. Afflixi te, et non affligam te ultra
→ with Nah. 3:18: Pessima est plaga tua
→ with Hebrews 12:6: Flagellat autem omnem filium, quem recipit
→ with the Egyptian (Agrippan) Sibyl