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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Passion of Christ → Christ nailed to the Cross
→ with the hammering of Tubal-Cain, the first smith, inspiring Jubal to invent singing (Comestor, SHS)
→ with Gen. 22:9-13: Sacrifice of Isaac
→ with Gen. 41:13: Gen. 41:13: Suspensus est in cruce
→ with 4 Kings 3:27: The King of Moab sacrifices his eldest son on the walls to end a siege (SHS)
→ with Esth. 5:14: Jube parari excelsam trabem
→ with Job 30:7: Nocte os meum perforatur doloribus, et qui me comedunt, non dormiunt
→ with Isaias sawn into pieces (non-biblical, SHS)
→ with Jer. 12:7: Dedi dilectam animam meam in manu inimicorum eius
→ with Am. 8:4: Qui conteritis pauperem, et deficere facitis egenos terrae
→ with Mal. 3:8: Si affliget homo Deum, quia vos configitis me
→ with Gal. 2:19: Christo confixus sum cruci
→ Rev. 11:8: Dominus eorum crucifixus est
→ As model for St Francis assuming the habit and leaving girdle, shoes and bag behind (perhaps alluding to the Stripping of Christ)
→ As model for St Francis showing the Gospel to his companion Bernard (the titulus refers to Christ praying for His persecutors)