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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Passion of Christ → Crucifixion
→ with Gen. 4:4: The Sacrifice of Abel
→ with with the hammering of Tubal-Cain, the first smith, inspiring Jubal to invent singing (Comestor, SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with Gen. 14:18: Melchisedech offers bread and wine
→ with Gen. 22:9-13: Sacrifice of Isaac (BP)
→ with Gen. 37:32-35: Joseph's brothers show his cloak to Jacob (SHS, few manuscripts only, stressing Mary's sorrow)
→ with Exod. 12:6: The slaughtered Passover lamb prepared for the meal
→ with Exod. 12:7 and 13: The Israelites mark the door with the blood of the lamb
→ with Num. 13:24: The spies carrying grapes
→ with Num. 21:9: The Israelites look at the brazen serpent and are healed (BP)
→ with 2 Kings 6:15-16, 20-22: David dances before the Ark of the Covenant and is rebuked by his wife Michol (SHS)
→ with 2 Kings 18:14-15: Absalom is attacked first with three spears and then with swords (SHS)
→ with 3 Kings 17:10-12: The widow of Sarephta carries two pieces of wood
→ with 4 Kings 3:27: The King of Moab sacrifices his eldest son on the walls to end a siege (SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with Job 40:20: An extrahere poteris leviathan hamo
→ with Psalm 2
→ with Psalm 21
→ with Psalm 21:17: Foderunt manus meas et pedes meos
→ with Ps. 128:3: Supra dorsum meum fabricaverunt peccatores, prolongaverunt iniquitatem suam
→ with Isa. 53:5: Ipse vulneratus est propter iniquitates nostras ... cuius livore sanati sumus
→ with Isa. 53:6: Posuit Dominus in eo iniquitatem omnium nostrum
→ with Isa. 53:7: Oblatus est quia ipse voluit
→ with Isaias sawn into pieces (non-biblical, SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with Evilmerodach cutting the dead body of his father Nabuchodonosor into 300 parts (SHS)
→ with Lam. 1:18: Videte dolorem meum
→ with Bar. 3:36: Hic est deus noster, et non aestimabitur alius adversus eum
→ with Dan. 4:7-14: Nabuchodonosor's dream of a large tree that is cut down, which foretells his temporary madness (SHS)
→ with Dan. 9:26 (Vulgate): Post ebdomadas septuaginta duas occidetur Christus
→ with Am. 8:9: Et erit in die illa, dicit Dominus Deus: occidet sol in meridie
→ with Hab. 3:4: Cornua in manibus ejus: ibi abscondita est fortitudo ejus
→ with Zach. 11:12: Et appenderunt mercedem meam triginta argenteos
→ with Zach. 13:6: Quid sunt plagae istae in medio manuum tuarum
→ with 1 Mach. 6:46: Eleazar kills an elephant from beneath and is crushed by it (SHS)
→ with John 1:29: Ecce agnus Dei, ecce qui tollit peccata mundi
→ with John 12:32: Ego, si exaltatus fuero a terra, omnia traham ad meipsum
→ with Hebr. 9:28: Christus semel oblatus est ad exhaurienda multorum peccata
→ as model for St Francis appearing to Pope Gregory IX and showing blood and water from his stigmata
→ As model for St Francis commanding to being dragged naked through Assisi
→ as model for the Stigmatisation of St Francis
→ with Death of King Codrus of Athens
→ with the Hellespontic Sibyl