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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Passion of Christ → Entombment of Christ
→ with Gen. 37:23-24: Joseph thrown into the cistern (BP, SHS)
→ with Gen. 37:28: Joseph sold into slavery (SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with Gen. 49:9: Requiescens accubuisti ut leo et quasi leaena: quis suscitabit eum
→ with Jud. 16:1: Samson staying with an harlot in Gaza
→ with 2 Kings 3:31-38: David mourns for Abner (SHS)
→ with Psalm 21:16: Aruit tamquam testa anima mea
→ with Psalm 75:3: Factus est in pace locus ejus, et habitatio ejus in Sion
→ with Psalm 77:65: Et excitatus est tamquam dormiens Dominus, tamquam potens crapulatus a vino
→ with Psalm 141
→ with Cant. 5:2: Ego dormio, et cor meum vigilat
→ with Isa. 11:10: Et erit sepulchrum eius gloriosum
→ with Dan. 6:16 and 14:30-31: Daniel in the lions' den
→ with Jon. 1:15-2:1: Jonas cast over board and swallowed by the sea-monster (BP, SHS)
→ with Jon. 2:11: Jonas disgorged by the sea-monster (SHS, few manuscripts only, probably by mistake)