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Typology and Prophecy
→ Non-biblical narratives treated as Types
→ Fall of rebel angels
→ Adam and Eve lament Abel's death
→ The hammering of Tubal-Cain, the first smith, inspire Jubal to invent music
→ The Queen of Babylon looks from the Hanging Gardens to her home country
→ Abraham is thrown into the fire in Ur and rescued by God
→ The young Moses, having broken Pharao's crown, feigns madness by eating burning coals
→ Moses stops the siege of Saba after falling in love with Tarbis, daughter of its king
→ Hur, who refused to make the Golden Calf, is spat on by the Israelites until he drowns in spittel
→ Circumcision of Samson
→ Solomon crowned by Bethsabee
→ The High Priest in the Holy of Holies
→ The ostrich liberates its chick imprisoned by Solomon in a glass vessel by squirting the blood of a worm onto it
→ King Manasses kills the prophets
→ Isaias is sawn in two by command of King Manasses
→ Jeremias prophesies that the Egyptians will worship an image of a Virgin and a Child
→ Astyages dreams of a vine growing out of his daughter's womb
→ Evil-Merodach cuts the body of Evil-Merodach into 300 parts
→ Tomyris dips the head of Cyrus into blood
→ The golden table that had been found in the sea is brought to the temple of Apollo
→ Death of King Codrus of Athens
→ The tower Baris in Jerusalem could be defended by two men against all enemies
→ Antipater showing his battle scars to Caesar
→ Augustus and the Tiburtine Sibyl