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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for eschatological scenes → Last Judgement
→ with Gen. 19:24-25: Destruction of Sodom
→ with Exod. 14:28: The Egyptians drown in the Red Sea
→ with Dtn. 32:35: Mea est ultio, et ego retribuam in tempore
→ with 1 Kings 2:10: Dominus iudicabit fines terrae
→ with 2 Kings 1:15: David commands to slay the Amalecite who had killed Saul
→ with 3 Kings 3:17-28: Judgement of Solomon
→ with Esth. 1:3-8: Feast of King Assuerus
→ with Psalm 25
→ with Psalm 74:3: Cum accepero tempus, ego iustitias iudicabo
→ with Prov. 29:14: Rex qui iudicat in veritate pauperes, thronus eius in aeternum firmabitur
→ with Eccl. 3:17: Iustum et impium iudicabit Deus
→ with Isa. 2:4: Iudicabit gentes et arguet populos multos
→ with Jer. 29:23: Ego sum iudex et testis
→ with Ez. 7:3: Iudicabo te iuxta vias tuas
→ with Dan. 5:13-28: Daniel reads the Writing on the Wall ('numbered, weighed, divided' - SHS)
→ with Dan. 12:1: Et in tempore illo salvabitur populus tuus, omnis qui inventus fuerit scriptus in libro
→ with Soph. 1 (Summary): Domine, ad iudicium venis
→ with Mt. 25:1-13: Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins (SHS)
→ with Luke 11:12-27 (similar Mt. 25:14-30): Parable of the Talents (SHS)
→ with St Francis banishing wolves, plague and hail from Greccio