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Typology and Prophecy
→ Hagiographic Scenes with biblical models → Francis
→ Birth in a stable
→ Francis giving his cloak to a poor knight
→ Dream of the heavenly castle
→ Vision of the Crucified Christ
→ St Francis offering his earthly goods for the restauration of San Damiano
→ St Francis renouncing his father
→ St Francis assuming the habit and leaving girdle, shoes and bag behind
→ St Francis shows the Gospel to his companion Bernard
→ St Francis beaten by brigands
→ St Francis receiving penitents, including St Clare, into the order
→ Brother Pacificus sees St Francis signed with the letter Thau
→ St Francis is tempted by the devil, beats himself, throws himself into the snow and offers seven snowballs to the devil
→ As penance for breaking his fast, Francis commands to be dragged naked through Assisi and then preaches at the pillory
→ St Francis discovers hidden relics, and since the friars neglect to recover them, miraculously moves them to the altar
→ Francis refuses to bless those who had killed a lamb
→ A friar sees in a vision the heavenly throne prepared for St Francis
→ St Francis before the Sultan
→ Vision of angelic music
→ Francis commands the plague, wolves and hail shall no further come upon Greccio
→ Reading of the Gospel of Christmas and Vision of the Christ Child at Greccio
→ St Francis foretelling a Christian defeat at Damietta and the soldiers fighting against his command
→ St Francis sees the demon seated on the shoulders of a disobedient friar and makes him depart
→ Healing of Beatrix of Rome whose child had died in the womb
→ Healing of the blind knight Gerardus
→ St Francis appearing to Pope Gregory IX and showing blood and water from his stigmata