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→ Clergy → Canons → Augsburg, Cathedral
→ Arms of Canons from noble families are to be found under the family
→ Vicars Choral (excluding those who were canons at St Gertrud or St Peter)
→ Quattuor Viri (similar to Minor Canons, excluding those who were also canons at St Gertrud or St Peter)
→ Braun, Konrad (died 1563, Canon of Augsburg, Freising and Regensburg)
→ Eyb, Johann Martin von (1630-1704, 1686-1697 provost of the Cathedral, then Bishop of Eichstätt)
→ Frölich, Konrad I (died 1513)
→ Gossold, Johannes (c1426-1506)
→ Gwerlich, Johannes (Custos by 1445)
→ Heinrichmann, Jakob (died 1561, Vicar general)
→ Kadmer, Eberhard (died 1507, also Provost of St Gangolph in Bamberg)
→ Konrad von Randegg (died 1346, custos of the Cathedral)
→ Meusel, Pankratius (died 1493)
→ Peuscher, Wilhelm (died 1500, also Canon of Freising and Regensburg)
→ Pflug, Sigismund (Canon of Augsburg, Provost of Meißen and Merseburg)
→ Pollheim, Theophil von (died 1752)
→ Püchler, Petrus (died 1481, also Provost of Habach)
→ Rem von Kötz, Wolfgang (died 1558, provost of the Cathedral)
→ Riedheim, Ulrich von (died 1585)
→ Sailer, Johann (died 1601)
→ Schenk von Castell, Franz Xaver (died 1761)
→ Schweigger, Wendelin (died 1534)
→ Seiz, Nikolaus Anton (died 1757, Vicar General)
→ Trauner, Johann Rupert von (died 1788)