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Religious Iconography
→ Buddhism → Gautama Buddha → Lives of the Buddha → Adolescence to enlightenment
→ The introduction of Yashodhara to Siddhartha
→ The marriage of Siddhartha to Yashodhara
→ The luxurious life of the court
→ Siddhartha's martial feats
→ The first meditation
→ Harideva visits the Bodhisattva
→ The sleep of the women (the Great Renunciation)
→ Chandaka brings Kantaka
→ The flight from Kapilavastu (the Great Departure)
→ Exchange of garments with the hunter
→ Chandaka and Kantaka leave the Bodhisattva
→ The emaciated Bodhisattva
→ The offer of grass
→ The prophecy of the Naga Kalika
→ The homage of the ascetic
→ The approach to the Bodhi tree
→ The Bodhisattva is tempted by the daughters of Mara (the Great Temptation)
→ Mara's demons attack the Bodhisattva