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Historia Troiana
→ Cycles → Grenier, Pasquier (Tournai tapestries and related drawings)
→ Surviving Tapestries and fragments
→ Drawings by the Coëtivy Master (perhaps models for the tapestries)
→ Drawings by John Carter after lost tapestries in the Painted Chamber, Palace of Westminster
→ Drawings by Sansonetti of lost tapestries, perhaps from Issoire
→ Tapestry 1: Antenor sent to reclaim Hesione, Dream of Paris
→ Tapestry 2: Rape of Helen
→ Tapestry 3: Departure of the Greeks
→ Tapestry 4: Landing and first battle
→ Tapestry 5: Fourth battle with capture of Thoas
→ Tapestry 6: Preparations for a fight between Achilles and Hector and battle with a Centaur
→ Tapestry 7: Achilles sees Polyxena at the anniversary of Hector's death and falls in love with her
→ Tapestry 8: Death of Achilles
→ Tapestry 9: Penthesilea and Pyrrhus
→ Tapestry 10: Death of Penthesilea and treachery of Aeneas and Antenor
→ Tapestry 11: Sack of Troy