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Historia Troiana
→ Events before the Trojan War → The Greeks prepare for war
→ Achilles takes leave of Thetis
→ Menelaus mourning the rape of Helen
→ Menelaus informing Agamemnon of Helen's abduction
→ Greek princes summoned by Menelaus
→ Ulysses' feigned madness: he refuses to plough over Telemachus
→ Menelaus informing the Greek princes of Helen's abduction
→ The Greek princes assemble
→ Agamemnon is elected leader of the Greeks
→ Achilles and Patroclus visit the Oracle of Delphi
→ Agamemnon and Calchas praying to Diana
→ The sacrifice of Iphigenia
→ Ulysses and the Greeks sacrifice to the gods
→ Achilles and Telephus sent to Mysia for food supplies
→ Agamemnon sent to Mysia for food supplies