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Argonauts, Jason and Medea
→ Census of ancient art known to the Renaissance
→ Cycles
→ Single Figures
→ The history of the Golden Fleece before the Argonauts
→ Birth and infancy of Jason
→ The education of Jason by Chiron
→ The aged Aeson entrusts his son Jason to his brother Pelias
→ Jason and Hercules win all tournaments in Thebes
→ Jason kills the giant Corfue
→ Jason takes leave from Queen Mirro
→ Jason leaving the service Queen Mirro
→ Jason travelling to Iolcus
→ The gods warn Pelias of a stranger wearing only one sandal
→ The sacrifice of Pelias
→ Jason, wearing only one sandal, meets his uncle Pelias
→ Pelias holds a feast in honour of his nephew Jason
→ Pelias commands Jason to retrieve the Golden Fleece
→ Jason rides away to find companions
→ Jason persuades Orpheus to join
→ Argus is entrusted with building the ship
→ Jason and Orpheus ask Chiron for his counsel
→ Jason on the Argo
→ The construction of the Argo
→ Hercules joins the Argonauts
→ Departure of the Argonauts
→ The Argo with her crew at sea
→ When the Argo passes by, Chiron shows young Achilles to the Argonaut Peleus
→ Meeting with the Doliones in Cyzicus
→ The Argonauts travel to Mysia, where Hylas is abducted by the Nymphs
→ On Bebrycia, Pollux is challenged by king Amycus to a boxing match and defeats and binds him
→ Jason is received by Queen Hypsiphile of Lemnos
→ Jason leaves Hypispyle
→ The Argonauts turned away by Laomedon
→ The women of Lemnos kill their husbands
→ Zetes and Calais, the sons of Boreas, board the Argo
→ Phineus and the Harpies
→ Phineus gives the Argonauts two doves to trick the moving rocks of the Symplegades
→ The clashing rocks
→ The sacrifice of the black bull
→ Galatea shows the Argonauts the way to Colchis
→ Jason and the Argonauts are welcomed by King Oetes
→ Jason and the Argonauts land in Colchis
→ King Apollo is commanded by Mars to found a city near the island of the golden ram
→ Jason meets Medea at the court of King Oetes
→ Jason and Medea together at the court of King Oetes
→ Jason is summoned by Medea's maid
→ Jason pledges fidelity to Medea
→ Jason and Medea consummate their love
→ Medea gives Jason a prayer for protection against the oxen
→ Medea gives Jason a ring for protection against the oxen
→ Medea gives Jason a statue to help him defeat the oxen
→ Medea gives Jason an ointment to help him defeat the oxen
→ Medea tells Jason how to conquer the golden fleece
→ Jason parts from Medea
→ Jason takes leave from King Oetes to go take the Golden Fleece
→ Jason travels and arrives at the island where the golden ram lives
→ From her tower, Medea watches Jason's deeds
→ Jason forces the fire-breathing oxen to plough the field
→ Jason kills the dragon and extracts its teeth
→ Medea bewitches the oxen and forces them to plough the field
→ Jason sows the teeth of the dragon onto the field
→ The soldiers born from the dragon's teeth fight each other
→ Jason makes the dragon sleep
→ Medea makes the dragon sleep
→ Orpheus makes the dragon sleep
→ Jason flays the golden ram
→ The taking of the golden fleece
→ Jason returns to Colchis and shows the fleece to King Oetes
→ The Argonauts (with Medea) flee Colchis
→ Oetes commands Apsyrtus to pursue the Argonauts, he rides out of the palace
→ Medea dismembers her brother Apsyrtus to facilitate her and Jason's escape
→ Circe cleanses Jason and Medea of the guilt of the murder of Apsyrtus
→ Oetes stops the pursuit of the Argonauts to collect the body-parts of his son Apsyrtus
→ The argonauts stranded in the Libyan desert
→ Medea subdues the giant Talos of Crete
→ Jason received by Pelias
→ The people give thanks for the return of Jason and Medea in the temple of Jupiter
→ The people of Greece celebrate the return of Jason and Medea and the taking of the fleece
→ Jason giving the golden fleece to Pelias
→ Wedding of Jason and Medea
→ Jason refuses to help Antenor to free Hesione and to return her to Priam
→ Rejuvenation of Aeson
→ Pelias, deposed by the usurper Atastus, is liberated by his grandson Neoptolemus
→ Death of Pelias
→ Funeral games of Pelias
→ Jason abandoning Medea for Creusa
→ Medea laments that Jason had betrayed her with Creusa
→ Medea sends her children to hand over a poisoned robe to Creusa, Jason's new wife
→ Creusa receives Medea's poisoned robe from Medea's children
→ Medea with her children (precise narrative context unspecified)
→ Creusa, having put on Medea's poisoned robe, bursts into flames
→ Medea contemplating the murder of her children but not yet doing so
→ Medea kills her children
→ Jason's wedding to Creusa with Medea present but not yet killing her children
→ Jason's wedding to Creusa without Medea present
→ Medea escaping in a dragon-pulled chariot from Jason's revenge
→ Medea, Aegeus and Theseus
→ Order of the Golden Fleece
→ Death of Medea
→ Jason's tomb
→ Adaptations
→ Unidentified scenes