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→ Cycles
→ Paris, Louvre, Sarcophagus, MA 475, and copies thereafter
→ Silver casket from the Esquiline treasure, London, British Museum (4th century)
→ Ivory Diptych, Paris, Louvre, 5th century
→ London, British Library Royal 6 E IX (Convenevole da Prato, Regia Carmina, c.1335-1340)
→ Vienna, ÖNB ser. nov. 2639 (Convenevole da Prato, Regia Carmina, c. 1340)
→ Agostino di Duccio, Rimini, Tempio Malatestiano (1449-1457)
→ Tarocchi (Playing Cards, first edition Ferrara, c.1465), and related works
→ Ceiling from the Casa Maffi, Cremona, London, Victoria and Albert Museum (c.1500)
→ Raimondi: Apollo, Minerva and the Muses (c.1511-1520)
→ Giovanni di Pietro (Lo Spagna), Muses in the Capitoline Museum
→ Aspertini, Sketchbook II (1530-1540)
→ Primaticcio: Goddesses and Muses, Fontainebleau, and copies after them
→ Virgil Solis, engravings of the Muses (c.1550-1562)
→ Althofen (Carinthia), Riederhaus (2nd half 16th century)
→ Flagon with Muses, gods and virtues from Peter Flötner's Plaques (c. 1560)
→ Manner of Peter Vischer the Younger, Drawings, Paris, Louvre
→ Franz Brun, Engravings (2nd half 16th century)
→ Hendrik Goltzius, Muses (1592)
→ Cesare Ripa, Paris 1677
→ Samuel van Hoogstraten, Muses from the Schilderkonst (1678)
→ Antonio Zucchi, Lunettes in 20 Portman Square, London (1773-1777)
→ Robert Fagan, Muses from Attingham Park (c. 1793)
→ Aubusson tapestries (19th century)
→ Rex Whistler, Decoration in 12 North Audley Street (1930s)
→ Other Cycles