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→ With other figures → Apollo
→ Series of single figures
→ With other figures
→ Apollo and the Muses forming a frieze
→ Muses following Apollo
→ Apollo surrounded by the Muses (on Parnasssus or Helicon)
→ Apollo and the Muses making music for the feast of the gods
→ Muses dancing with Apollo
→ Triumph of Apollo and the Muses
→ Muses accompanying Apollo, who is interacting with other figures
→ Muses forming a group at some distance from Apollo
→ Muses judging the contest between Apollo and Marsyas
→ Muses judging the contest between Apollo and Pan (the judgement of Midas)
→ Diagrammatic images
→ On Mount Helicon
→ Adaptations
→ Miscellaneous