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→ Census of Antique Art Known in the Renaissance → Known prototypes → Reliefs
→ Benevento, Porta Aurea (Arch of Trajan) (Flying Victories)
→ Florence, Boboli Gardens (Reliefs on a pedestal supporting a statue of a barbarian)
→ Florence, Uffizi (Two Victories leading a bull to sacrifice)
→ Munich, Glyptothek (Victories sacrificing bulls, from Trajan's Forum, Basilica Ulpia)
→ Rome, Arch of Constantine (Victories holding shields)
→ Rome, Arch of Constantine (Victory holding trophies)
→ Rome, Arch of Titus (Victories in the spandrels)
→ Rome, Foro Romano, Decennalia Basis
→ Rome, Trajan's Column (Victory writing on tablet) and similar prototypes
→ Rome, Trajan's Column, base (Victories holding tablet)