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→ Census of Antique Art known to the Renaissance → Known Prototypes → Sarcophagi
→ Argenta (Prov. Ferrara), Pieve di S. Giorgio (holding tabula ansata)
→ Asolo, Museo Civico (holding wreaths downwards)
→ Ferentillo, San Pietro in Valle (with sailboats and harbour scene)
→ Florence, Pieve di S. Giuliano a Settimo
→ formerly Pawlosk (Russia), collection Konstantin Nikolajewitch
→ Ivrea (Prov. Turin), Duomo (holding garlands)
→ Padua, San Antonio (with Bacchic cult objects)
→ Paris, Louvre (holding a central clipeus, boys performing sacrifices)
→ Paris, Louvre (with Bacchic cult objects)
→ Pavia, Musei Civici (holding tabula ansata)
→ Pisa, Camposanto (holding a portrait clipeus, flanked by Amor and Psyche)
→ Pisa, Camposanto (holding clipeus with Tellus, Oceanus, Ganymede, Amor, Psyche)
→ Pisa, Camposanto (holding garland)
→ Pisa, Camposanto (holding portrait bust, with Tellus, Oceanus, Apollo, Minerva)
→ Pisa, Camposanto (with Bacchic cult objects)
→ Pisa, Camposanto (with festoons and bucranes)
→ Pisa, Camposanto (with torches and tabula ansata)
→ Pisa, San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno (holding a portrait clipeus with gods and other amoretti)
→ Ravenna, S. Francesco (holding tabula ansata)
→ Roma, Museo Nazionale Romano (with arms of Mars)
→ Roma, Palazzo Altieri
→ Roma, Sant'Agnese fuori le mura
→ Rome, Ospedale di S. Giovanni in Laterano (holding tabula ansata, Medusa)
→ Rome, Palazzo Mattei di Giove (with Bacchic cult objects)
→ Rome, San Lorenzo fuori le mura (harvesting grapes)
→ Rome, Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Savelli Tomb (holding garlands)
→ Rome, Villa Albani (with Bacchic cult objects)
→ Rome, Villa Medici (Boar Hunt)
→ Rome, Villa Medici (dancing)
→ Rome, Villa Medici (holding garlands)
→ Salerno, Cathedral (holding clipeus with coat of arms, with amoretti and griffins)
→ Salerno, Cathedral (with garlands, harvesting vintage)
→ Torcello, S. Maria Assunta (flanking tabula ansata)
→ Vatican City, Giardino della Pigna (holding portrait bust)
→ Vatican City, Museo Chiaramonti (in procession)
→ Vatican City, Sala a croce greca, Sarcophagus of Constantia (harvesting vintage)
→ Venice, Museo Archeologico (with garlands and Rape of Proserpina)
→ Venice, SS. Giovanni e Paolo
→ Volterra, Museo Diocesano (strigil sarcophagus with portrait clipeus and amoretti)