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→ The old woman tells the story of Amor and Psyche, Lucius (as an ass) listens (lib. IV, 27)
→ Union of Apollo and Entelechia (Psyche's parents in Boccaccio, Genealogia Deorum, V, 2)
→ Birth of Psyche (lib. IV, 28)
→ Psyche is worshipped for her beauty instead of Venus (lib. IV, 28-29)
→ Psyche's two sisters are married to kings (lib. IV, 32)
→ Psyche's father consults the oracle (lib. IV, 32-33)
→ Psyche brought to the mountain to be espoused to a monster (lib. IV, 34)
→ Psyche alone, mourning on the mountain (lib. IV, 35)
→ Psyche carried off by Zephyrus (lib. IV, 35)
→ Psyche rests in Amor's garden (lib. V, 1)
→ Psyche approaches Amor's house (lib. V, 1)
→ Toilet of Psyche (lib. V, 3 and V, 4)
→ Psyche dines in Amor's house, with invisible servants (lib. V, 3)
→ Amor comes to Psyche at night (lib. V, 4)
→ Psyche dressed by the invisible servants (lib. V, 4)
→ Zephyrus brings Psyche's sisters to her (lib. V, 7)
→ Psyche shows her riches to her sisters (lib. V, 8)
→ Psyche gives precious gifts to her sisters (lib. V, 8)
→ Psyche's sisters leave with her gifts (lib. V, 8-9)
→ Zephyrus brings Psyche's sisters a second (or third) time to her (lib. V, 14 or 16)
→ Psyche's sisters persuade her that her lover is a serpent (lib. V, 17-20)
→ Psyche discovers the true identity of Amor (lib. V, 23)
→ Psyche injures herself with Amor's arrow (lib. V, 23)
→ The wounded Amor leaves Psyche who tries to hold him back (lib. V, 24)
→ Amor reproaches Psyche from a Cypress tree (lib. V, 24)
→ Psyche collapses at Amor's departure (lib. V, 25)
→ Psyche tries to drown herself and is comforted by Pan (lib. V, 25)
→ Psyche tells her sisters about her fate (lib. V, 26-27)
→ Psyche's sisters jump from the rock so that Zephyrus can bring them to Amor (lib. V, 26-27)
→ A white bird informs Venus about Amor's love and injury (lib. V, 28)
→ Venus scolds the wounded Amor (lib. V, 29-30)
→ Ceres and Juno try to appease Venus (lib. V, 31)
→ Psyche asks Ceres for mercy and is turned away (lib. VI, 2-3)
→ Psyche asks Juno for mercy and is turned away (lib. VI, 4-5)
→ Venus travels to meet Jupiter (lib. VI, 6)
→ Venus asks Jupiter to have Psyche apprehended (lib. VI, 6-7)
→ Venus describes Psyche to Mercury (lib. VI, 8)
→ Mercury searches for Psyche (lib. VI, 8)
→ Psyche apprehended by Consuetudo (lib. V, 8)
→ At Venus's command, Psyche is scourged by Sollicitudo and Tristities (lib. VI, 9)
→ Venus commands Psyche to sort a heap of mixed grains (lib. VI, 10)
→ Venus gives Psyche stale bread (lib. VI, 11)
→ Venus commands Psyche to bring her wool from the golden sheep (lib. VI, 11)
→ The reed gives Psyche instructions (lib. VI, 12)
→ Psyche hides in the reed (lib. VI, 13)
→ Psyche collects the flocks of golden wool (lib. VI, 13)
→ Venus commands Psyche to collect water from the Styx (lib. VI, 13)
→ Jupiter's Eagle gives Psyche the water of Styx (lib. VI, 15)
→ Venus commands Psyche to enter Hades (lib. VI, 16)
→ The tower speaks to Psyche and instructs her how to enter Hades (lib. VI, 17-19)
→ Psyche crosses Styx, ignoring the beggar and the ass (lib. VI, 20, cf. VI, 18)
→ Psyche walks past the women and feeds Cerberus (lib. VI, 20, cf. VI, 19)
→ Proserpina gives Psyche the box of beauty (lib. VI, 20)
→ Amor escapes from his prison (lib. VI, 21)
→ Amor revives Psyche with an arrow (lib. VI, 21)
→ Amor instructs Psyche to bring the box of beauty to Venus (lib. V, 21)
→ Psyche gives Venus the box of beauty (lib. VI, 21)
→ Amor begs Jupiter for help (lib. VI, 22)
→ Mercury is sent out to summon the gods (lib. VI, 23)
→ Council of the gods, Jupiter announces his decision (lib. VI, 23)
→ Mercury carrying Psyche to Olympus (lib. VI, 23)
→ Psyche introduced to the gods of Olympus (lib. VI, 24)
→ Marriage of Amor and Psyche (lib. VI, 24)
→ Wedding Banquet of Amor and Psyche (lib. VI, 24)
→ Wedding night of Amor and Psyche (lib. VI, 24)
→ Scenes that do not go back to Apuleius