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→ With Amor → Alone → Various activities
→ Amor bathing
→ Amor blindfolded
→ Amor carrying Venus on his wings
→ Amor crowning Venus
→ Amor dressing or undressing Venus
→ Amor holding a copper pan
→ Amor holding a mirror for Venus
→ Amor holding a torch
→ Amor holding a towel for Venus
→ Amor lifting the canopy's tent
→ Amor passing water
→ Amor stung by bees
→ Amor touching Venus's breast
→ Amor tying Venus's sandal
→ Venus and Amor playing
→ Venus and Amor sleeping
→ Venus delousing Amor
→ Venus in a chariot
→ Venus nursing Amor
→ Venus pouring water into a cup that Amor holds
→ Venus removing a thorn from her foot