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→ Choice of Hercules
→ Hercules and Achelous
→ Hercules and Alcyoneus
→ Hercules and Antaeus
→ Hercules and Antheon
→ Hercules and Busiris
→ Hercules and Cacus
→ Hercules and Cycnus
→ Hercules and Echidna
→ Hercules and Heryx
→ Hercules and Hesione
→ Hercules and Nessus
→ Hercules and Philotes
→ Hercules and Pricus (Prycus)
→ Hercules and Prometheus
→ Hercules and the Cercopes
→ Hercules and the Giants of Cremona
→ Hercules and the ox of Theiodamas
→ Hercules and the Pygmies
→ Hercules and Theseus fighting against Menalippe and Hippolyta
→ Hercules and Triton
→ Hercules as an Argonaut
→ Hercules at the Olympic games
→ Hercules carrying off the tripod
→ Hercules carrying the god Pluto across a piece of water
→ Hercules confronting Juno (Uni)
→ Hercules creating a lake near Caprarola
→ Hercules defeating King Antheon and killing the King of Cothylie
→ Hercules defeats Atlas and takes him and his astrological books away
→ Hercules discovering purple
→ Hercules dividing the two mountains of Calpe and Abyla
→ Hercules erecting the Pillars of Hercules
→ Hercules fighting a lion in Thessaly
→ Hercules fighting Amazons
→ Hercules fighting an unidentified enemy
→ Hercules fighting an unidentified monster
→ Hercules fighting Belgione and his brothers with stones provided by Jupiter
→ Hercules fighting centaurs
→ Hercules fighting in the Trojan War
→ Hercules fighting sea deities
→ Hercules fighting unidentified enemy
→ Hercules frees Alcestis from Hades
→ Hercules initiated in the Mysteries of Eleusis
→ Hercules killing Eurytus and Kteatus
→ Hercules killing the Giants
→ Hercules killing Zetes and Calais, the Boreades
→ Hercules strangling a snake (as an adult)
→ Hercules supporting Zetes and Calais, the Boreads
→ Hercules takes the world from Atlas
→ Hercules' ship attacked by the inhabitants of Kos
→ Miscellaneous