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Phrixus and Helle
→ Ino gives the farmers roasted seed that will not grow so that there will be famine and her stepchildren Phrixus and Helle will be sacrificed
→ Ino demands the sacrifice of Phrixus to stop the famine
→ Athamas advises his children Phrixus and Helle to escape from their stepmother Ino
→ Phrixus and Helle escape from their stepmother into the wilderness
→ Nephele asks Juno to protect her children Phrixus and Helle
→ Nephele sends a ram to rescue Phrixus and Helle from being sacrificed
→ Phrixus and Helle escape on a ram, Helle falls into the sea
→ Phrixus sacrifices the ram at the temple of Mars
→ Mars sends fire-beathing oxen and a dragon to protect the Gold Fleece
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