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→ Myths
→ Birth of Mercury
→ The Childhood of Mercury and the invention of the Caduceus
→ Mercury and Argus
→ Mercury and Battus
→ Mercury and Chione
→ Mercury and Lara
→ Mercury and the infant Bacchus
→ Mercury and the woodcutter
→ Mercury as guest of Philemon and Baucis
→ Mercury in the Judgement of Paris
→ Mercury in the Odyssey
→ Mercury instructing the young Apollo
→ Mercury playing dice with the moon
→ Mercury presenting the lyre to Apollo
→ Mercury presenting thunderbolts to Jupiter
→ Mercury protecting Hercules in the Underworld
→ Mercury seeking Proserpina in Hades
→ Mercury stealing the arms of Apollo
→ Mercury stealing the flocks of Apollo
→ Mercury warning Mars and Venus
→ Mercury, Herse, and Aglauros
→ Unidentified myths