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→ Census of Antique Art known to the Renaissance → Unknown or Lost Prototypes
→ Funerary cippus
→ Gem with Mercury on a ram
→ Infant Mercury, standing on a tortoise
→ Lares altar (formerly Rome, Roma, House of Metello Varo Porcari)
→ Mercury walking
→ Relief of Mercury and a Cockerel (formerly Theatre of Marcellus)
→ Seated Mercury, draped
→ Seated Mercury, nude, one arm lifted upwards
→ Seated Mercury, nude, one hand covering privates
→ Seated Mercury, nude, right hand touching head (similar to lost statue in Aquileia)
→ Standing Mercury, cloak over both shoulders, with helmet (Ceroli-Borghese collection)
→ Standing Mercury, Cloak over left shoulder, with money bag
→ Standing Mercury, hude, holding club (Mercurio Garimberti)
→ Standing Mercury, left arm draped, with money bag
→ Standing Mercury, nude hand on hip
→ Standing Mercury, nude, with money bag
→ Standing Mercury, with helmet and Caduceus (formerly Palazzo Savelli)
→ Standing Mercury, with infant Bacchus