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→ Myths
→ Birth
→ The Athenians sacrifice to the newborn Minerva
→ As goddess of wisdom
→ As inventor of arms and armour
→ Minerva and Arachne
→ Minerva and Hercules
→ Minerva fighting Aloida (daughter of the Earth)
→ Minerva gives the olive tree to Athens (contest with Neptune)
→ Minerva in the Historia Troiana
→ Minerva invents clothing
→ Minerva invents oil
→ Minerva prevents Achilles from attacking Agamemnon
→ Minerva supervising the building of the ship Argo
→ Minerva visits Envy
→ Minerva, the pan-pipes and Marsyas
→ Miscellaneous
→ Vulcan tries in vain to rape Minerva