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Historia Thebana
→ The Conquest of Thebes
→ The messenger of Theseus arrives before Creon
→ Thebes conquered by the army of Athens (as in the Histoire ancienne)
→ Creon is beheaded by the Athenians (as in the Histoire ancienne)
→ Adrastus and the Armée des dames (commanded by Argia and Eripyle) march towards Thebes (as in the Histoire de Thèbes)
→ The Armée des dames attack the walls of Thebes
→ The Armée des dames leaves the burning Thebes behind
→ Andromadas deliver Lincus and kills Creon (as in Raoul Lefèvre)
→ Hercules joins the Greeks
→ Hercules conquers Thebes and kills Lincus (as in Raoul Lefèvre)
→ The restoration of Thebes