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→ Census of Antique Art known to the Renaissance → Known prototypes
→ Castel Gandolfo, Villa Barberini (sarcophagus)
→ Chiusi, Museo Civico (sarcophagus)
→ Florence, Baptistery (sarcophagus)
→ Genoa, San Lorenzo (sarcophagus)
→ Milan, Private Collection (sarcophagus)
→ Palermo, Duomo (sarcophagus)
→ Perugia, Museo Archeologico (sarcophagus)
→ Pisa, Camposanto (sarcophagus with lid)
→ Pisa, Camposanto (sarcophagus without lid)
→ Rome, Palazzo Barberini (sarcophagus)
→ Rome, Palazzo dei Conservatori (sarcophagus)
→ Rome, Palazzo Rospigliosi (sarcophagus)
→ Rome, Studio of Canova (sarcophagus)
→ Rome, Villa Albani
→ Rome, Villa Doria-Pamphili (sarcophagus)
→ Rome, Villa Medici (sarcophagus - Azevedo 63)
→ Rome, Villa Medici (sarcophagus - Azevedo 67)
→ Salerno, Cathedral (sarcophagus)
→ Split, Archaeological Museum (sarcophagus)
→ Vatican City, Musei Vaticani (standing Meleager with dog and head of boar)
→ Venice, Museo Archeologico (head)
→ Williamstown (Mass), Clark Art Institute (sarcophagus)
→ Woburn, Woburn Abbey (sarcophagus)