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→ Homer → Odyssey → Book IX: Ulysses recounts his adventures (Cicones, Lotophages, Polyphemus)
→ vv. 48-59: After defeating and looting the Cicones their allies defeat Ulysses's men
→ vv. 94-97: Ulysses's companions receive Lotos and hence never want to leave the land of the Lotophages
→ vv. 98-99: Ulysses takes those of his man who had eaten Lotos and do not want to leave the Lotophages back to the ships by force
→ vv. 116-169: Ulysses and his men hunt goats on the island close to the Cyclopes
→ vv. 177-195 Ulysses lands on the island of the Cyclopes
→ vv. 287-294 (also Ovid, Metamorphoses, XIV, 205-212): Polyphemus devours two comrades of Ulysses
→ vv. 345-361: Ulysses makes Polyphemus drunken
→ vv. 371-394: Ulysses and his comrades blind Polyphemus
→ vv. 415-461: Ulysses and his comrades bind themselves at the belly of Polyphemus's sheep and so escape
→ vv. 462-465: Ulysses and his comrades drive Polyphemus's sheep to the ship
→ vv. 468-490: Ulysses, onboard of his ship, taunts Polyphemus who hurls the summit of the mountain at him
→ The wounded Polyphemus left behind after the departure of the Greeks