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→ Homer → Odyssey → Book XI: Ulysses recounts his adventures (Journey to the Underworld)
→ Cycles
→ vv. 1-5: Ulysses and his companions depart from Circe's island
→ v. 20: Ulysses and his comrades arrive at the land of the Cimmerians
→ vv. 23-36: Ulysses sacrifices a sheep and a ram
→ vv. 40-50: Ulysses drives the souls of the dead away from the sacrifice
→ vv. 51-80: The shade of Elpenor appears to Ulysses and asks for burial
→ vv. 97-98: Ulysses lets Tiresias drink the blood of the sacrificed animals
→ vv. 98-137: Tiresias prophesies the return of Ulysses
→ vv. 321-325: Ulysses sees Phaedra, Procris and Ariadne
→ vv. 281-297: Ulysses sees Chloris
→ vv. 405-434: Agamemnon reports how he and Cassandra were murdered during a banquet
→ vv. 543-563: The shadow of Ajax refuses to talk to Ulysses, still furious about the loss of Achilleus's arms
→ vv. 568-571: Ulysses sees Minos as judge over the dead
→ vv. 572-575: Ulysses sees Orion hunting animals with his club
→ vv. 576-581: Ulysses sees Tityus with vultures devouring his liver
→ vv. 582-592: Ulysses sees the starving Tantalus
→ vv. 593-600: Ulysses sees Sisyphos with the rock
→ vv. 601-627: Ulysses speaks to Hercules