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→ Homer → Odyssey → Book XII: Ulysses reports his adventures (Elpenor, Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis, Cattle of Sol)
→ vv. 3-4: The dawn dancing at Circe's island Aiaia
→ vv. 11-15: Burial of Elpenor
→ vv. 16-19: Circe arrives and brings victuals
→ vv. 36-150: During the night, Circe instructs Ulysses alone on the coming dangers
→ vv. 181-191: Ulysses (bound to the mast) and his companions (with their ears stuffed) pass the Sirens
→ vv. 235-260: Scylla devours six of Ulysses's companions
→ vv. 335-338: Ulysses falls asleep on the island of Sol
→ vv. 352-365: Ulysses's starving companions kills the cattle of Sol
→ vv. 374-375: Lampetia informs Sol about the death of the cattle
→ vv. 399-419: Jupiter hits the ship with lightning and kills all of Ulysses's companions