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→ Homer → Odyssey → Book V: Ulysses leaves Calypso, is shipwrecked and washed ashore the islands of the Phaeacians
→ vv. 1-42: Minerva persuades Jupiter to permit the return of Ulysses
→ vv. 43-149: Mercury is sent to Ortygia and commands Calypso to release Ulysses
→ vv. 151-153: Ulysses sitting at the shore and weeping for longing to return home
→ vv. 154-155: Calypso and the unwilling Ulysses as lovers
→ vv. 243-261: With Calypso's help Ulysses builds a raft
→ Calypso mourning about Ulysses's departure
→ vv. 290-295: Neptune stirs up a storm
→ vv. 333-351: Leucothea gives Ulysses her veil to protect him in the shipwreck
→ vv. 458-462: Ulysses returns the veil to the sea