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→ Homer → Iliad
→ Cycles
→ As a book
→ Book I: Agamemnon has to return Chryseis to her father and takes instead Briseis, who had been promised to Achilles, causing his wrath
→ Book II: Agamemnon tests the spirit of the Greek by suggesting them to return, but eventually they go into battle
→ Book III: Fight between Paris and Menelaus over Helena
→ Book IV: The gods decide that Troy will fall, Pandarus attacks Menelaos
→ Book V: Diomedes attacks Aeneas, Venus and Mars
→ Book VI: Hector returns to Troy, scolds Paris and takes leave of Andromache
→ Book VII: Fight between Hector and Ajax, followed by truce and the building of walls around the ships
→ Book VIII: Trojan victories, Jupiter forbids any divine interference
→ Book IX: Councils of the weakened Greeks, Achilles asked in vain to rejoin the war
→ Book X: Diomedes and Ulysses are sent out as spies during the night, they question and kill Dolon
→ Book XI: New battle, Agamemnon is wounded
→ Book XII: The Trojan conquer the wall around the Greek camp
→ Book XIII: Neptune comes to support the Greeks
→ Book XIV: The battered Greeks try to raise their morale, Juno seduces Jupiter
→ Book XV: Apollo and Hector defeat the Greeks who defend themselves from the ships
→ Book XVI: Patroclus joins the fight in Achille's armour, drives the Trojans back and is killed by Hector
→ Book XVII: Battle over Patroclus's body
→ Book XVIII: Mourning for Patroclus, Thetis brings new armour for Achilles
→ Book XIX: Achilles is reconciled with the Greek princes and goes into battle
→ Book XX: New battle, in which the gods take part
→ Book XXI: Achilles fights with the river Scamandrus
→ Book XXII: Achilles kills Hector
→ Book XXIII: Funeral games for Patroclus
→ Book XXIV: Hector's body is dragged by Achilles, then returned to Priam and buried
→ This section only covers illustrations to editions of the Iliad, cf. GODS & MYTHS, Historia Troiana